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Our 20 years of experience in dealing and satisfying discerning clients has taught us not only that luxurious hotels and first class service to indulge ourselves are the perfect match to create an ideal holiday. We have learnt that luxury is also about the environment in which these hotels are and the warmth of the people who make us feel special ...

Flying over the Iguazu falls in your own helicopter, staying in a bedouin tent in the desert, a room with a view over the Perito Moreno Glaciar , a balcony with the wilds of Africa at your doorstep, travelling in some of the world's best cruise lines or aboard the most breathtaking trains are just some of the myriad of possibilities we have to make of your holidays a rewarding experience.

We can utilise some of the best deals we have for flights, private ground transportation, and hotels to offer you a competitive Luxury holiday, and ultimately value for money.


Contact us. The world is waiting for those to whom the best is not enough.

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